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ELINA DANILOVA is a top trusted personal Leadership Advisor to successful Founders and CEOs of the fastest growing companies in Los Angeles and celebrities with vision, power and influence.

As an extension of executive coaching, Elina is serving as confidential advisor, acting as a sounding board and providing counsel on wide range of situations in which an impartial outside perspective can help inform an executive’s behavior and decision-making.


“Today’s executives face more pressure than at any other time in history. . . . One effective way of dealing with the pressures of the job is for leaders to have sparring partners who help them explore the challenges they face. . . . [They can benefit from having external people] act as impartial sounding boards free of the politics that are all too prevalent in organizations. As executives move up the corporate ladder, feedback about their performance progressively diminishes. But the loss of feedback can be career limiting; it creates gaps in how leaders perceive themselves, and how others perceive them. And the wider the gap, the greater the likelihood of a leadership crisis, and the greater the resistance to change.”

With Elina’s guidance, her clients feel calm, confident and energized as they scale their multimillion-dollar companies and inspire their teams with their vision and leadership – all the while enjoying a personal life they love.

Elina selectively works with CEOs, scientists, artists, and entrepreneurs who have missions she’d like to amplify in the world. Supporting them scales her impact through the companies’ culture, products, and services.

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